INDUSTRY BY Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking

A partner of big names in French and international industry for decades, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking has evolved to keep more and more up-to-date with the new expectations of companies and their buyers, and now offers: management of portals, KANBAN, AMDEC, LEAN, QVE / Value analysis, co-development, eco-development, innovation, etc.


Decor plates, company nameplates, front panels, overlays, keyboards, stickers, stripping, in-Mold, doming, etc. Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers a wide range of products.

Screen, digital, offset printing, custom marking, … net, laser, punch-matrix, digital table, machining for cutting, … folding, shaping, assembly, specific packaging, …, light table control, unitary microscope control, dark room, … Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking certainly has the process that suits you.

Working in metal (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc.) and plastics (PC, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, etc.), Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers its customers a wide range of products and know-how … and therefore solutions.

Screen printing offers the best opacity / productivity / UV resistance compromise. The plentiful ink deposit ensures an unparalleled intense effect, in both matt and glossy finishes.

Digital printing allows for all graphical whims: four-colour process, relief, scalable and unique texts and images … it is also the ideal tool for printing in small quantities, or prototyping.

Forming plastics under the combined action of heat and pressure … the numbers speak for themselves: a key of a cold-formed keyboard is guaranteed for 10,000 presses, a key of a hot-formed keypad is guaranteed for 1,000,000 presses …

To make products unique, there is nothing like incrementation, a unique differentiated logo, customisation … this is what laser marking allows.

Essentially on metal, with punch-matrix tools or with a stabilised master plate, embossing ensures durability of logos and texts, and enables all style effects.


The front panels, HMIs, logos, plates, etc. made by Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking for its “production goods” customers require special attention as they are the image of the company … an HMI, an overlay, a logo of poor quality gives the impression that the product has been carelessly designed  … even if the product is of excellent quality … the power of detail, the power of the image …

Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking will guide the customer to the right material, the right adhesive, the right printing method, the best cutting approach … so that, in the end, the best product mix is found.

Project: for each project submitted to us for costing, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers its experience within a QVE (Quality Value Engineering) framework, in order to begin immediately with the most suitable product. For example, replacing a finger guide made by hot embossing (requiring an expensive tool for a small quantity) by a Braille swelling varnish requiring only a screen-printing screen … simple, effective, economical …