INDUSTRY BY Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking

A partner of big names in French and international industry for decades, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking has evolved to keep more and more up-to-date with the new expectations of companies and their buyers, and now offers: management of portals, KANBAN, AMDEC, LEAN, QVE / Value analysis, co-development, eco-development, innovation, etc.


Decor plates, company nameplates, front panels, overlays, keyboards, stickers, stripping, in-Mold, doming, etc. Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers a wide range of products.

Screen, digital, offset printing, custom marking, … net, laser, punch-matrix, digital table, machining for cutting, … folding, shaping, assembly, specific packaging, …, light table control, unitary microscope control, dark room, … Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking certainly has the process that suits you.

Working in metal (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc.) and plastics (PC, PP, PET, ABS, PVC, etc.), Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking offers its customers a wide range of products and know-how … and therefore solutions.

Screen printing offers the best opacity / productivity / UV resistance compromise. The plentiful ink deposit ensures an unparalleled intense effect, in both matt and glossy finishes.

Digital printing allows for all graphical whims: four-colour process, relief, scalable and unique texts and images … it is also the ideal tool for printing in small quantities, or prototyping.

Forming plastics under the combined action of heat and pressure … the numbers speak for themselves: a key of a cold-formed keyboard is guaranteed for 10,000 presses, a key of a hot-formed keypad is guaranteed for 1,000,000 presses …

To make products unique, there is nothing like incrementation, a unique differentiated logo, customisation … this is what laser marking allows.

Essentially on metal, with punch-matrix tools or with a stabilised master plate, embossing ensures durability of logos and texts, and enables all style effects.


An industry that, by its demands, is similar to the world of luxury … with the difference that, rather than resistance to the fragrance of perfume, here it is resistance to gravelling, potassium salt, UV, perspiration, acid rain, … and time!

Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking, with its experience, but also its permanent research into the fields of inks, varnishes, and materials, knows how to meet the challenges.

Displays, key logos, in-mold for external or internal parts, capacitive facades, stripping, … Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking listens to your needs … and supports you in the design, development, progress and completion of your project.

Project: AMDEC, PPEP, Capa, Ppm, Co-development, …, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking, through its subsidiary ALTEC Automotive, has been collaborating for decades with the major automotive principals, and therefore, speaks the same typified language ISO TS. For example, to make logos for the keys of PEUGEOT, CITROEN, FIAT, etc. adhesive ex-post, Adhex Decoration & Industrial Marking has developed a specific tool that keeps the part embossed and cut into its frame. This know-how allows a product designed in sheet form to be delivered in a roll … thereby facilitating the automatic fixing of the logos to optimise customer productivity … process optimisation flow chart.